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How safe is safe? One thing is certain: The prerequisite for comprehensive IT security is a holistic consideration of all possible influencing factors. To meet this demand, geiger combines all service areas – from analysis and concept development to the implementation of data center infrastructures.


Geiger is your competent partner: We design and implement everything from the data center (whitespace and greyspace) in classic design to the ECB-S-certified high-availability data center according to EN1047-2.


Energy supply & security | Problematic power grids represent a high-risk potential for data centers. The highest availability requirements can only be met by the use of UPS systems. Redundancy up to the power supply: Redundant online systems reliably protect your data center against supply failures and voltage fluctuations.


Air conditioning & ventilation | Convincing climate concepts are of crucial importance in order to ensure trouble-free and business operation of the IT in the data center. Various device designs for room air conditioning or for hotspot cooling (individual rack air conditioning) create the necessary flexibility for adjustments to changing requirements. Fail-safe and redundant precision climate concepts form the basis for the right, effective and cost-optimized IT climate environment.


Disaster management | Whether fire, water, sabotage, earthquakes or unauthorized third-party access: We keep everything that harms your IT away from it. In the field of civil protection, we offer you tailor-made product and system solutions, depending on individual availability requirements: server rooms in classic design, room-in-room solutions in accordance with EN1047-2, early fire detection systems, fire extinguishing systems, monitoring systems and much more.

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Secured network design | "Secured network design" is the customer-specific conception of the passive network infrastructure. "Secure network design" offers maximum functionality, clarity and cost-effectiveness. A customized passive network infrastructure is an important building block for protecting against network failures.


Networked thinking is better thinking | In order to provide you with comprehensive support in the field of IT and network security, Geiger has an interdisciplinary team of engineers, security experts, computer scientists and network specialists at your side. 


Holistic approach is the most important principle for comprehensive IT and network security. For the secure operation of a computer room, the lifelines of the entire IT, the "secured network design", must be included. Another important criterion: The individual security requirements of the user or operator must be considered in the overall concept.


Geiger can assist you in creating your secure, future-proof, scalable and highly available data center (whitespace and greyspace), even according to HOAI (work phases 1-8).


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