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Infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex. Today, more than ever, a company's business processes depend on a functioning IT. In the event of an error, time is money. You need to react quickly to narrow down and fix errors.


Avoid unnecessary downtime - increase productivity - reduce costs

As a data center manager, the question arises:

Does our data center already have enough floor space, cooling and power for the challenges of tomorrow?


In short, you need an overview of:

  • Free, occupied and blocked areas
  • Current power and climate values
  • Dependencies between components, such as power and network connections
  • Graphical representation of the data center, the racks, as well as individual IT elements within a rack
  • Effects of move and change processes
  • Evaluation functionalities




In order to be able to react quickly and dynamically to new requirements, you need a holistic view of the infrastructure components of your data center.


Geiger can support you in the introduction, integration and operation of a database-based documentation & infrastructure management tool! In our Infrastructure Design Center, you have the opportunity to test three fully integrated database-based documentation & infrastructure management tools in live operation with our experts, as well as to carry out practical and operational simulations in order to find the right solution for your specific requirements.


We offer you a suitable tool and are happy to advise you:

  • Cabling & Network Documentation
  • Power Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • DCIM
  • Process & interface integration


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