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Our fiber optic experts implement your requirements optimally!


Our service and assembly team (Germany/Austria/Netherlands) comprises more than 20 employees and is at your disposal for extensions and modernizations as well as for completely new installations of fiber optic networks. Whether day-to-day assignments or large-scale projects – our trained, highly specialized team of experts realizes splicing and measuring services, fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, highly efficient on site.


Extract from our equipment pool:

  • Multiple fully automatic 3-axis splicers with core-to-core positioning for single-mode, multimode and specialty fibers
  • Multiple OTDR meters for the wavelength ranges MM:850/1300nm, SM:1310/1550nm
  • Insertion loss meters for the wavelength ranges MM:850/1300nm, SM:1310/1550nm
  • Video microscopes with 400x magnification incl. image evaluation
  • Return loss measuring device for MM:850/1300nm, SM:1310/1550nm
  • Interferometer for checking connector geometry



Spleiß Messdienstleistung

Of course, our specialists are also available to you in the event of failures and malfunctions within a very short time. Because time is the most important factor in such situations.


Our assembly and service team consists exclusively of permanent and permanent employees. They have many years of experience and are constantly trained in the latest techniques and their applications.


Skills overview:

  • Fiber optic cable assembly & box fitting
  • Fiber optic installation work in the data centre & backbone environment
  • Fiber optic blow-in work
  • FO splicing work, single-fibre + ribbon (multifibre)
  • Optical fibre acceptance measurements OTDR, IL measurements
  • Fiber optic end-face certifications
  • Fiber optic acceptance measurements for multifibre applications
  • Fiber Raceway Assembly


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