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The infrastructure is the foundation of a secure and functioning IT & communication technology. But the security, quality and future orientation of a passive infrastructure often remains in the dark.


The most common reasons:

  • Network infrastructures that have grown over several years
  • Different quality levels
  • Various technological standards
  • Lack of clarity about future requirements
  • Inadequate documentation


In four clearly structured steps, our analysis experts will give you answers to these questions:


Step 1: The actual recording | In the actual recording, we check the current network situation and the existing documentation. In this step, all communication links are traced – the first possible weaknesses can be identified.


Step 2: The protection needs assessment | Together with the user, we define the requirements potential for availability, redundancy, transmission parameters and ready-to-wear qualities. From this, we derive the key data for a comprehensive weak point analysis.




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Step 3: The vulnerability and risk analysis | Here, a holistic view of your IT infrastructure is based on the knowledge gained. Non-redundant cable paths, defective plug connections and manoeuvring are identified in this step. At this point, we also clarify the suitability for future requirements and technologies.


Step 4: Catalogue of measures and priorities | At the end of the analysis is the catalogue of measures and priorities. In a project presentation, we explain the exact measures and steps to adapt your network infrastructure to your availability requirements.


In addition to comprehensive consulting, network analysis and the creation of catalogues of measures, we also carry out the design and implementation of IT infrastructures. Our experts design and implement extensions and modernizations as well as completely new installations based on current and future requirements.


We can assist you in the design of the following fiber & CU communication cabling areas:

  • Data center
  • Backbone
  • Industry
  • LAN
  • Building


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