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We are the competence center for fiber optic & CU communication cabling throughout Germany and Europe.


Which part of the human body could best be used to compare a company's IT infrastructure? The heart? The brain? The central nervous system? No matter what you use for comparison – passive network technology and technical infrastructure is vital for the survival of a company and the most important basis for secure business processes and healthy growth.


As the demand for bandwidth increases, the demand and quantity of fiber optic connections grows. High numbers of optical fibers are of crucial importance for today's and especially for future applications in order to be able to ensure the required amounts of data within the structures. The development and expansion of the active technology also includes the expansion of the physical structure through new construction or expansion of the existing building.


Copper data cabling is taken to a new level by smart building structures and Power over Ethernet. Copper data cabling now serves not only as a communication medium, but also as a power transmission and supply medium. This extended range of applications changes a large number of requirements and conditions for the technology, but also the affected infrastructures. CU data cabling needs to be rethought and planned technologically and infrastructurally. Heat generation, consideration of the type of installation, reduction of the maximum link lengths, network rack and distribution rooms with increasing availability requirements, etc.m. are the consequences of this change.


Our extensive product portfolio offers modular and flexible fiber optic and copper complete solutions that can be used for any cabling environment from LAN, data center to ODF.



This enables us to carry out the mentioned technology steps as required and scalable for today's applications, as well as the migration for the future – always from the point of view of individual orientation to specific customer requirements.


Your benefits: 

  • Express production in Irschenberg, Upper Bavaria
  • Customer- and order-related production and assembly
  • Customer-specific developments
  • Trained, highly specialized service & assembly team with comprehensive services in the field of communication cabling
  • 25-Year System Warranty Program - Performance & Application


Our product overviews:


OSIRISONE Standard Carrier Technology

OSIRISONE Standard Module Technology

OSIRISONE HD Splice Technology







On request, you will receive further detailed product information as well as data sheets, LV texts, specific product catalogues and much more!


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